Who is your practitioner?

After working within the Western medicine framework as a registered nurse for 10 years, Adeline was drawn to Shiatsu and its holistic approach.

During her Shiatsu training she fell in love with the theory and philosophy of Eastern medicine, with its strong emphasis on the uniqueness of each individual.

In keeping with this approach, Adeline bases her treatments of each client on their unique circumstances, their unique selves.

She regularly practices Traditional Japanese martial arts and Qigong in order to develop her Qi sensitivity/understanding.

Adeline's shiatsu experience

Over the last 7 years of practice Adeline has seen how this ancient approach continues to benefit people.

After her graduation in 2015, in parallel to her private clinic in Melbourne, Adeline worked in adult and youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers practicing shiatsu and teaching Qigong/TaiQi exercises.

Looking at the wide range of individuals from different backgrounds and ages, Adeline has learned how to treat a wide variety of illnesses and discomfort.


Registered Nurse Diploma (2003)
Lyon, France
Mainly worked in Orthopedic and Emergency wards in France and Australia.

Shiatsu Diploma (2015)
Australian Shiatsu college, Brunswick Melbourne

Pregnancy Shiatsu Massage Certificate
Completed under renowned UK educator Suzanne Yates.

Watch Adeline’s teacher, Suzanne Yates, in action