What to Expect

A session with Adeline...

The client wears loose comfortable fitting clothes. The treatments are traditionally done on a futon on the floor.

If you have difficulty getting down or up from the floor a massage table can be used.

Adeline will elaborate a variety of techniques such as rhythmic pressure, percussion, stretches, holding, rocking, cupping [more on cupping], and moxibustion [more on Moxa] to recreate a harmonious flow of energy, or Qi, throughout your entire body.

You will experience the relaxing and restorative effects for days after the treatment.

In assessing the appropriate pressure, speed, and movement along specific meridians, chosen by your practitioner in accordance with you current physical and emotional state, Adeline creates a personalized shiatsu session for each client.

As a result of this personalized approach, clients often make the comment that they feel a great sensation of wholeness, of oneness that they can sometimes lack after other styles of body work.

Adeline strives to her utmost to practice ethically and holistically. She will often give you a few exercises based on her Qigong knowledge to be sure you are able to stay in harmony between sessions and provide and ongoing remedial aspect to her sessions.


It is a technique that our elders knew well during their childhood. Then it was gradually forgotten in the West.

The suction cups have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for years.

The principle is to create a depression inside the suction cup that will activate the energy flow and the blood circulation, thus regulating the functional activities of the body after being applied on specific acupuncture points according to the disorders you experience.

Widely used for respiratory disorders, back and cervical pain, knee pain.


Moxa is made from dried and powdered sagebrush leaves which are incorporated into other herbs chosen for their medicinal properties.

A moxa stick is lighted and applied a few inches above a specific acupuncture point.

The heat will allow to rebalance the dysfunction. Adeline usually uses this technique during the cold seasons of the year.

It is beneficial for joint pain, chronic rheumatism or old trauma, lumbar and cervical tension, abdominal pain.